Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Блок-бокс ЩСУ, НКУ


These Modular Power Control Centers (PCC Modules) are designed to house Electrical Power Distribution Boards and Control Stations (Low Voltage Package Modules = LVP Modules) to operate pump drivers and isolation valves.

General View

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These PCC buildings are modular, heat-insulated frame-and-panel structures equipped with power supply, air ventilation and heating systems. The exterior and interior finishes are made of corrugated steel sheets. The heat-insulator is rock-wool, the flooring is made of flat metal sheets. Roofing is also sheet metal. 

PCC rooms are, in effect, modules measuring 6000х6000х2950 mm, or 9000х3000х2950 mm, or 12000х3000х2950 mm that can be grouped together and configured to meet the specific requirements of the Customer and the Designer.

PCC modules come complete with the set of tools and equipment specified by the Customer. 

The Modules can be further customized to accommodate other equipment such as low-voltage switchboards, etc.

Technical Data

PCC Modules are built to meet the industry-specific standards: OST 26.260.18-2004 “Process Modules for Oil and Gas Industry. General Technical Specifications”, TU 5363 012 56562997 2004 “Shelters/Modules” and GOST 12.2.003-91, GOST 12.1.005-88*.

Air temperature inside module, оС, min +5
Ambient temperature, 0С from -60 to +50
Mobule dimensions 6000х3000х2950, 9000х3000х2950, 12000х3000х2950
Building’s explosion & fire hazard rating as per НПБ 105-03 (Fire Code) Д
Fire resistance rating as per SNiP 21-01-97 III
Heating Hot water or electrical
Power supply category As required by the customer

PCC Module (Example)

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