Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Узлы учёта нефти и газа

These Oil Metering Packages (Rus acronym: БУУН) are designed to provide  automatic measurement of oil mass (volume), determine oil quality parameters (density, water content, pressure and temperature), take oil samples as per GOST ГОСТ 2517 and communicate the data to the Operator Workstation.

Блочные узлы учёта газа
Gas Metering Skid Packages (Rus acronym: БУУГ) are designed to measure automatically the volume of gas fed to Gas Processing Plants, Boilers, Gas Turbine Power Plants, etc., as well as to determine gas quality parameters (density, pressure, temperature) and communicate the data to an Operator Workstation.
Блоки измерения и регулирования газа (БИР)
These Gas Metering and Control Packages (Russian acronym: БИР) are designed to provide automatic gas mass flow (volume) measurement and to distribute as required. They operate as part of Oil Treatment Units, FWKO units or other surface processing facilities operated by oil and gas producers.