Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Насосные станции

Блочные кустовые насосные станции (БКНС)
These Cluster Pump Station Packages are designed to inject water into the reservoir to maintain oil field pressure.

Насосные станции перекачки нефти (НН)
These Oil Pumping Stations are designed to transfer oil through oil gathering and treatment systems, as well as to feed treated oil into inter-field pipelines. 

Насосные станции перекачки воды (НВ)
This Water Pumping Station can be used as an internal transfer or booster pump station to pump out treated water at Modular Group Pumping Stations operating as part of a field gathering facility as well as at Oil and Water Treatment Units.

Насосные станции пожаротушения
This Firewater Pump Station is designed to deliver water and firefighting foam solution to a fire water system intended to protect oil and gas production facilities. The capacity and the configuration of the Pump Stations are defined by the project-specific requirements of particular oil production facilities. They are designed and built to meet exact customer specifications.