Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements



This Package is designed for in-field treatment of oil with paraffin content of up to 6% to meet GOST 51858-2002 standard requirements, as well as for treating petroleum gas for subsequent use, processing and transportation. The package is manufactured based on a licensing agreement with NPO Integrated Technologies.
This Unit is intended to complement the existing or future Oil Treatment Units in order to upgrade the properties of high viscosity heavy paraffin or tarry oil for it to meet GOST Р 51858-2002 requirements for paraffin content, and to reduce oil viscosity and pour point, so that it could be subsequently transported via pipeline.

Automated End-of-Pipeline Tubular Three-Phase Separators (Russian acronym: КДФТ-А) are designed for preliminary water removal from oil to achieve a water content below 0,5÷5,0% and may be part of a Preliminary Water Knockout Unit (PWKO) or may come separately as a primary water removal stage in an Oil Treatment Unit (OTU). 


Automated Oil Treatment Packages are designed for gathering and treatment of fluids from oil producing wells by providing deep dehydration, desalting and oil vapor pressure reduction to achieve the required quality of marketable oil and that of separated water.


Natural and Associated Gas Conversion into Synthetic Liquid Hydrocarbons (Gas-to-liquids process)

Separation of water and gas from oil where water can be fed to a Modular Group Pumping Station.

The Primary Free-Water Knockout Package (PFWKO) is designed to dewater crude oil in selected locations such as oil gathering lines / manifolds that extend over considerable distances, clusters of wet wells, pipeline low-points where free water tends to accumulate, as well as in areas where the existing Group Pumping Stations are located.
The Free Water Knockout Unit (FWKO-WP) is designed to dewater oil at well pads and to measure the volumes of oil, gas and water flowing from them.
These automatically controlled Booster Pump Packages are designed to be installed at Gathering Stations to separate most of the gas in the well streams flowing from several well pads, individual well pads or wells, and to transfer oil to treatment facilities.
Well Separator Packages are designed for oil and gas separation and are used for testing and measuring the well stream during exploration and pilot operation of well fields.
A Mobile Test Separator is designed to separate and meter well fluids from producing wells with liquid flow-rate of up to 500 m3/day, gas-oil ratio of up to 1500 nm3 per ton, operating pressure of up to 6,3 MPa, and with H2S concentration in reservoir oil of up to 6%. The metering accuracy is up to 2% of oil and water mass, and up to 3% of gas volume during normal separation of liquid and gas phase.
This Mobile Well Test and Completion Package (MWTCP) is designed to provide automated metering of the well stream from producing wells with a gas-oil ratio of up to 2000 nm3 per ton of oil. The Mobile Package meters the production rate from oil and gas wells operating at various pressures and is connected to either a field-wide oil gathering system or a local self-contained system (storage tanks for oil transport). The package design provides for a system to have associated gas either fed to a gathering system or discharged to a flare.
These separators for oil with a high gas-oil ratio (High-GOR) are designed to provide initial water removal and degassing of oil with a high gas-oil ratio (from 200 to 2000 m3/t) and can be installed at well pads or upstream of Booster Pump Stations, Oil Treatment Units and Multi-phase Pump Stations.

Water fine filtration and treatment PAckage

NIPI ONGM has the capability and the experience of supplying Water Treatment Units (Packages) designed to remove solids and oil from produced water to a residual content of below 5-10 mg/dm3. The Unit will normally be installed in heated buildings (Shelters, Enclosures), but can be located in the open. 


Terminal Separation Units are designed for final degassing of oil to the required values of saturated vapor pressure and for treating associated gas. They are used as part of oil gathering and treatment facilities in oil fields.       

UPGRADES for booster pump stations, oil treatment facilities and Free Water Knock Out units  

Modifications to accelerate the oil-water emulsion separation and produced water treatment processes to remove dispersed oil and entrained solids.