Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Технологическое оборудование

These specifications cover Chemical Injection Skids designed for automated dosage and injection of chemicals into gathering system pipelines and oil/gas/water transportation and treatment pipelines in order to de-emulsify oil, to reduce the viscosity of the oil transported and to protect pipelines and equipment from corrosion, salt deposition and paraffin build-up.
NIPI ONGM produces these Electrostatic Dehydrators together with western companies. 

Устройства предварительного отбора газа (УПОГ)
This Pipe-type Slug Catcher (Russian acronym: УПОГ = UPOG) is designed to collect the gas disengaged from oil well fluids in the pipeline, as well as to smooth out liquid pulsations. This Slug Catcher is installed upstream of the First-Stage Separators and End-of-Pipeline Tubular Three-Phase Separators.

Сепараторы нефтегазовые модернизированные (НГСМ)
These Improved Oil and Gas Separators (Russian acronym: НГСМ = NGSM) are designed for oil degassing and associated gas treatment. They are used as part of primary, intermediate and final separation stages. 
These Improved Oil and Gas Separators show significant performance improvements in capacity and separation quality. They have been upgraded with de-foaming and accelerating nozzles to handle medium and heavy oils. 
Сепараторы нефтегазовые со сбросом воды модернизированные атоматизированные (НГСВМ-А)
Separation of well streams into oil, gas and water at Free Water Knock Out and Oil Treatment Facilities.

Сепараторы газовые модернизированные (ГС-М)
These Improved Gas Separators are designed to provide high quality separation of natural and associated gas from liquid (condensate, hydrate inhibitor, oil, water) as part of in-field gas treatment facilities for subsequent gas supply to consumers or to a Gas Processing Plant.   
Газосепаратор центробежный (ГСЦ)
These Centrifugal Separators are designed to provide an improved separation of the gas stream from liquid droplets, finely dispersed and aerosolized liquids, oil mist and solids for oil and gas producers and refineries. 
The specific design feature of these Separators is that the feed is introduced tangentially with the energy of the gas/liquid stream transformed into a vortex motion. 

Блок входного манифольда (гребенка)
This Inlet Manifold Station is designed to connect up flowlines from producing oil and gas wells or to receive oil from well cluster gathering manifolds at Oil Gathering and Treatment Facilities (Clusters of Wells, Booster Pump Stations, Free Water Knock-Out Units)

Отстойники нефти (ОН)
These Gravity Oil Separators are designed to de-water and desalt crude oil operating as part of Free Water Knock Out and Oil Treatment Facilities.   
Отстойники воды модернизированные (ОВМ), отстойники воды с гидрофобным слоем (ОВМ-Г)
These Improved Water Settling Vessels are designed to separate produced water from oil and solids to achieve the required quality of water to be re-injected into the reservoir to maintain its pressure.

Отстойники воды трубные (ОВТ)
Tubular Water Settler Vessels are designed to separate produced water at well pads from oil & solids to achieve the required quality of water to be supplied to a Modular Group Pumping Station. 
Буферные ёмкости-дегозаторы пластовой воды (БЕВ)
These Buffering Degasser Vessels are designed for the degassing and secondary treatment of produced water by removing gas, oil and solids before the water is fed to pumps downstream.   
Внутренние устройства для аппаратов подготовки нефти ипластовой, воды, коалесцирующие устройства
Designed to accelerate crude oil emulsions separation processes. The items come pre-installed in newly shipped vessels or are supplied as cartridges to be retrofitted into existing process vessels.

Расширители нефтегазовые (Р)
These Oil and Gas Expansion Separators are designed for preliminary separation of gas from the feed pipeline and for capturing large solids from the oil and gas stream. They operate as part of Oil Treatment Units and Free Water Knock Outs.
Смесители (СМ)
These Mixers are designed to mix de-emulsifying agents with water-oil/gas streams to establish conditions to break water-oil emulsions in the oil feed line upstream of Free Water Knock Out (FWKO) and Oil Treatment Units (OTU). When used as part of OTU and FWKO facilities, they significantly reduce the dynamic settling time in oil treatment vessels.

Каплеуловители для газопроводов
These Gas Stream Demisters are stand alone vessels designed to remove liquid droplets from a gas stream. In them, the captured liquid is not accumulated in the demister but drained immediately into a tank located beneath it.
Емкости дренажные (ЕП, ЕПП)
These Underground Horizontal Drain Tanks with holding capacities ranging from 5 to 63 m3 are designed to operate at pressures below 0.07 MPa (0.7 kgf/cm2) and at fluid temperatures from -15ºС to 80ºС. They are designed to receive light and heavy oil products, crude oils, lube oils and condensate (including those mixed with water) with H2S concentrations below 0.18% vol. flowing from process systems,  pipelines and vessels operated by chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining and oil & gas industry companies.