Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements

Engineering surveys

Land Use Planning

An essential part of any project is one dedicated to l and management. Unless a proper land use planning (or land surveying) is undertaken and reported, no land allocation permit will be issued to proceed with facility design and construction.

NIPI ONGM provides a full range of land survey services whereby land use planning documents will be developed, complied and submitted for approval by the regulatory authorities.

Our land surveyors will:

  • collect data regarding the targeted plots of land logged in the State Immovable Property Cadastre;
  • provide support in shepherding documents through the state review process across the whole of the Russian Federation;
  • develop and obtain approval for a Forest Plot and Land Allocation Certificate;
  • obtain local authority’s approval for the Land Boundary Certificate designating the boundaries between neighboring land users;
  • prepare and obtain approval for the Land Plot Layout aligned with  the local Cadastral Map;
  • repare and obtain approval for the Urban Planning documentation;
  • develop Land Reclamation Projects.
  • develop Land Reclamation Projects.

To be able to meet the engineering survey challenges of any complexity, we make an extensive use of state-of-the-art equipment: personal computers of various configurations, GPS receivers, high-precision total stations (tacheometers), alignment sights / levels, modern drilling equipment and geophysical tools. Our geological surveys rely heavily on the use of drilling equipment, off-road vehicles, and snow and swamp crawler vehicles. Our office staff use only certified software and undergo relevant training in special-purpose software packages by attending courses offered by software development companies or authorized training centers.

A client-oriented approach calls for a strong competitive edge and a superior efficiency. NIPI ONGM is currently building the infrastructure and purchasing all necessary instruments and equipment to establish its own central Soil and Water Testing Laboratory. It will allow detailed data on the facility to be retrieved quickly to ensure successful design solutions. This will have a highly positive effect on the accuracy of feasibility studies as well as on the duration and the cost of construction.