Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Quality Management System

NIPI ONGM has implemented and operates successfully under a Quality Management System (QMS), which is consistent with GOST R ISO 9001-2008, and confirmed by a Certificate of Conformity.

The interplay between the various QMS processes are regulated by QMS documents such as:

  • Quality Policy and Objectives;
  • Quality Manual;
  • Procedures and documents required for NIPI ONGM to ensure effective planning, QMS implementation and QMS processes management;
  • Records showing the deliverables / results achieved.

QMS is a mechanism designed to manage the following activities:

  • Management responsibility and document management;
  • Engineering and design process;
  • Measurements, analyses and improvements;
  • Resource management designed to deliver quality objectives attainable by tackling quality issues, by regulating responsibilities at all levels, by improving the existing QMS through measurements, analyses and efforts to improve customer satisfaction.

Powers and responsibilities are defined in QMS by a Responsibilities Matrix.