Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Work Principles

Leadership Philosophy

One of the keys to NIPI ONGM’s successful operation is its proclaimed leadership philosophy. We are confident of our position as a stable business in the oil and gas industry engineering market that provides comprehensive and dedicated engineering services, as a reliable supplier of state-of-the-art, most sought-after engineering systems, and as a trusted partner for our numerous customers. This philosophy empowers us to set and achieve very high goals. This is the key to being a successful business and a reliable service provider for our business partners and customers.

Customer-Oriented Strategy

One of the fundamental strategies pursued by NIPI ONGM is to meet customer needs and expectations regardless of the size of their business. We always seek to offer the most profitable and effective solutions.

Comprehensive Approach

NIPI ONGM exercises a fully comprehensive approach to addressing the challenges posed by customers encompassing all engineering stages from pre-design consulting services to an overall follow-up on the proposed engineering solutions. A sound implementation strategy and an integrated approach, combined with follow-up support by the whole team significantly reduce the price tag for the project and ensure a robust quality control.


At NIPI ONGM our people are our most valuable, number-one asset. Our team is made up of highly skilled specialists. Each one is an expert in his/her field. Our well-recognized trade mark is our highly responsible, committed approach to project management. Our rapid growth and development make NIPI ONGM a very attractive workplace both for internationally certified, proven professionals and for ambitious young specialists capable of bringing new ideas and perspectives. These are the key elements of our company’s successful operation and development.


Our declared commitment is a decisive factor determining our credibility. Guaranteed superior services and on-schedule project delivery are top-priority targets for our business at all times.


The ability to meet the challenges and to achieve the desired results in the safest and most cost-effective manner is the hallmark of our business. Whenever we perform a job, we always draw heavily on scientific knowledge and innovative practices to rationalize resources, to optimize costs and to improve efficiency.

We highly value our Customers

We believe every customer is special and readily respond to their wishes, as we seek to design cost-effective process plants, build flawless, high-efficiency systems that meet customer requirements. We will spare neither time nor effort as we bring our knowledge, expertise and talent to deliver services and equipment that will meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.