Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements

Engineering design

Completed Projects

NIPI ONGM’s main strength is its team of skilled professionals capable of handling the most challenging engineering and construction tasks including comprehensive design and construction of oil, gas and gas condensate fields, tank farms, loading racks as well as oil and gas refineries. As proof of our abilities, here is a list of some of the projects completed by our company, to name but a few:

  • OAO INGA Design work “Upgrades to the Booster Pump Station in East Inghinsky License Area”;
  • OOO LUKOIL-Western Siberia TPP UraiNefteGaz Design work “Modifications to Booster Pump Station site at Free Water Knockout Unit and Utilities. Lazarevskoye Oilfield”;
  • OOO SK «RusVietPetro Design work “Oil Treatment Package combined with Free Water Knockout Unit at CPF site for well production from Central Khoreyverskoya Platform Oilfields”;
  • OAO PechoraNeft Design and survey work “Kolvinskoye Oilfield Development”;
  • OAO PechoraNeft Design work “Revised design for the facility «Kolvinskoye Oilfield Development», and more specifically, the Oil Treatment Facility”;
  • OAO UfaNefteHim Detailed design for two-stage Amine Treatment Unit;
  • OOO LUKOIL-Western Siberia Detailed design for the facility: “Flare Unit for Free Water Knockout Unit at Booster Pump Station on the Lazarevskoye oil field”;
  • ZAO LUKOIL-AIK Hydraulic calculation for the facility: “Gas Gathering System for Tevlinsko-Russinskoye, Kogalymskoye oil fields”;
  • OOO SamaraNIPIneft “Modifications to Prelim Water Removal Unit in North Kamensky field”;
  • ZAO NTK MNGK Design documentation developed for “Packaged Equipment for the Construction of Oil Treatment Unit in Kulzhan field”;
  • OOO LUKOIL-Western Siberia Design documentation developed for the facility “Modifications to Booster Pump Station site at Preliminary Water Removal Unit in the Lazarevsky field”;
  • OOO LUKOIL-PERM LLC Design & Survey Work, Construction of Multi-Phase Pump Units and Utility systems at Oil/Gas Accumulation Areas, Logovskoy Oil & Gas Production Workshop;
  • NPTs NefteGas Feasibility Analysis, review of leading world practices and recommendations developeded for construction of surface infrastructure in the Novoportovsky oil, gas and condensate field;
  • OAO UfaNefteKhim Engineering solutions developed for the purification of flue gases с.900 Hydrocracking. Flue gases purification process based on catalytic oxidation of CO & other products of incomplete decoking of the regenerated catalyst including benzapyrene. The process occurs in a Reactor of a unique design at 400-450°С using domestically produced heterogeneous catalyst. The new process  designed allows pollutant concentrations to be reduced to the required MPC standards;
  • OAO PechoraNeft Design & Survey Work “Updates to the project “Development of Kolvinsky OilField as related to Oil Treatment Unit” followed by Design Phase 2 for the facility: “Power Generation Plant expansion at Gas Treatment Unit”;
  • OOO SaratovNefteGas Design & Survey Work “Retrofitting & Upgrading Gas Treatment Unit in Razumovsky field”.
  • OOO LUKOIL-PERM Design & Survey Work “Process Facilities Construction at Sukhanovo Oil Treatment & Transfer Unit, Oil & Gas Production Workshop;
  • OOO LUKOIL-PERM Design & Survey Work “Oil Pipeline Construction at Shershenevka Booster Pump Station” – Gathering System in Arkhanghelsky Field. Process Facilities Construction at Unva BPS;
  • OAO PechoraNeft Design & Survey Work “System to Maintain Reservoir Pressure in Kolvinsky oil field. Construction Phase 1 & 2”;
  • OAO PechoraNeft Design & Survey Work “Kolvinsky Oilfield Development. Modifications to the facility: CPF to BPS”;
  • ZAO IrеlyakhNeft Design & Survey Work to develop Justifications of Investments into Oil Production Complex in Irelyak Gas & Oil Field and the facility: CPF to BPS;
  • OOO SamaraNIPIneft Design & Survey Work for the facility: “Compressor Plant in Gorbatovsky Field”, OJSC SamaraNefteGas;
  • OAO INGA Design & Survey Work “Construction of Booster Pump Station in Eastern Inghinsky license area”;
  • ZAO Deloit Tush SNG «Kolvinskiy Oilfield Development Progress Monitoring»;
  • ОАО Yamal SPG Design & Survey Work «Priority Structures to maintain development and construction of Yuzhno-Tambeiskiy gas-condensate field»;
  • TPP «UraiNefteGas» Design & Survey Work «Construction of drill site for wildcat №30Р with access road in Western-Tugrovskoye license area»;
  • TPP UraiNefteGas Design & Survey Work «Construction of drill site for wildcat №98Р with access road in Paitykhskiy license area»;
  • TPP YamalNefteGas Design & Survey Work «Development of site for exploration well №52П in Nakhodkinskiy field»;
  • TPP LangepasNefteGas Design & Survey Work «Oil treatment unit No. 4 GDR» inv. №ЛАНГ_20293 Lokosovskoe CPF»;
  • ООО LUKOIL-Engineering Design & Survey Work «Revamp of oil loading terminal in CPF Povkhovskoye field»;
Overseas Partners:

 We have recently completed a project in partnership with Technip Italy S.p.A to design “H-oil Hydrocracking Complex, Phase 1” to be built in Burgas by Lukoil Neftokhim Burgas AD («LNB»).