Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements

Engineering design

Strategic Capabilities

NIPI ONGM provides engineering design services for the construction of new high-tech facilities as well as for retrofitting and upgrading existing facilities, offering a comprehensive work package that includes:

  • Preparing Technical Design Assignments/ToRs;
  • Creating Technical Commercial Proposals/Quotations, Financing and Feasibility Studies;
  • Studies of alternative engineering solutions;
  • Collecting and securing initial Permits & Approvals to obtain Land Allocation Certificates;
  • Developing Engineering and Detailed Design Documentation, such as:
    • Plant Plot Plans, Site Planning & Design, Site Layouts;
    • Architectural & Structural Design Solutions for all facilities whatever their criticality;
    • Utility Systems and Networks to support operation of Process Facilities;
    • Labor Management and Personnel Working Conditions;
    • Plant & Business Management;
    • Construction Management;
    • Management of Demolition & Dismantling Activities to replace Permanent Facilities.
  • Developing Detailed Engineering Documents for Non-standard Equipment;
  • Developing measures to comply with energy efficiency requirements for buildings & structures and ensuring that they are adequately instrumented to meter energy resources consumption;
  • Developing Industrial Safety Declarations (Safety Cases);
  • Developing a Fire Safety Declaration;
  • Developing draft standards for Sanitary Protection Zones (SPZs), Maximum Permissible Emissions (MPEs), Waste Generation & Disposal Limits;
  • Developing design documentation sections such as Environmental Emissions Standards (EIAs), Environmental Protection (EP), Engineering Civil Defense and Emergency Response Measures (ECD & ERM) and Construction Management Plans;
  • Project support during review and approval processes, obtaining positive expert/peer reviews from the regulatory authorities;
  • Supervision of design implementation (aka “Author/Designer Supervision”) during facility construction;
  • Exercising the functions of a General Designer;
  • Review of the existing facilities;
  • Improvements and/or development of energy efficient technologies that will meet today’s environmental and industrial safety requirements;
  • Equipment supply and Logistical Support (complete deliveries, technical support for procurement/supply).

  In 2014 we started to provide a set of services that include engineering of facilities to be constructed, renovated, retrofitted or overhauled, using advanced process and innovative technical solutions. Furthermore we shepherd these projects into the State Expertise, provide author supervision of construction and erection works

  • Engineering of transport infrastructure and protective structures;
  • Construction and renovation of public roads and industrial transport roads;
  • Reinforced concrete, steel and arch-shaped bridges and overpasses;
  • Streets and roads in cities and towns;
  • Reinforced concrete, steel and arch-shaped bridges and overpasses;
  • Riverbank protection works and protective structures;
  • Ponds and protective dams;
  • Land development for construction of industrial and utility facilities

Engineering of electrical power buildings and structures:

  • Transformer substations up to 110 kV;
  • Cable lines and overhead power lines up to 110 kV;
  • 6(10) kV electrical power plants