Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Designing Non-Standard specialized Equipment

One of the primary areas of NIPI ONGM’s business focus is to design and manufacture high-performance non-standard equipment for oil and gas industry facilities. We have the infrastructure, material and technical facilities, skilled resources and research experience to be able to build highly efficient standard and non-standard industrial equipment.

In the first phase of our work we design non-standard equipment with design tools such as 3D modeling where we use CAD Inventor, AMPWinMachin and ANSYS. With these technologies we build an electronic computer model of the future facility, we minutely analyze its performance to see if it meets the expected targets and standards. Thus, the non-standard process equipment we create undergoes its first test in the earliest stages of project design. We will also use customer-supplied drawings to put together all the required technical documentation for the future equipment.

In the subsequent phases, non-standard equipment will be manufactured, assembled and supplied – all following a very tight time schedule. The end product for the Customer will be durable, top-quality machinery and equipment. These superior results are primarily due to our in-depth industry knowledge and hands-on experience, our vast engineering potential and our continuous commitment to research, development and innovation coupled with best business management practices. The equipment supplied is fully covered by warranty and post-warranty services.

We ensure that the non-standard equipment is made to Customer drawings and specifications, and the overall production process is fully automated.

We develop our technical documentation based on the Customer’s Technical Design Assignment / TORs, making sure that non-standard equipment is built according to Customer needs and then promptly supplied.