Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Procurement and Logistics Support

One of the challenges every customer encounters is ensuring a timely supply of materials to the facilities under construction choosing from an endless variety of equipment types, makes and models. Purchase orders placed with a dozen different companies often lead to a lack of coordination in the overall facility procurement process, causing a mismatch between the various elements and components, resulting in increased costs and extended or missed completion deadlines.

The procurement strategy proposed by NIPI ONGM is based on the use of a single professional vendor capable of supplying complex equipment to complex facilities. The advantages of this approach are:

1. Lower costs due to consolidated purchase orders;

2. Labor, time and transportation savings;

3. Reduced effort required to manage prices, quality standards and delivery schedule.

As a highly committed contractor, we will ensure that all materials and equipment are used correctly and economically.