Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Supervision of Installation

When equipment installation and start-up operations are properly supervised, mistakes are minimized and potential problems are identified and forestalled even before equipment is put into service. This contributes to improved operation of the installation. Supervised installation operations avoid many organizational and technical difficulties otherwise encountered during installation of new or unfamiliar equipment. So, to ensure that engineering equipment is commissioned on schedule, NIPI ONGM provides a complete package of services ranging from supervision of construction and installation operations to full-scale field tests. We will:

1. Inspect the manufacturer equipment listed to be supplied to site, carry out quality control and identify and address any defects;
2. Check delivery for completeness against the packing lists;
3. Check shipment against relevant documents to ensure spare parts, tools and accessories are included;
4. Check components, wire products, installation aids and materials;
5. Check the integrity of the supplied equipment;
6. Check that the foundation is suitable for the equipment to be installed;
7. Monitor equipment bases to be built on the foundation;
8. Perform installation quality control during assembly ensuring the installation is error free;
9. Perform visual inspection of the equipment installed and check the installation as a whole;
10. Train personnel in how to operate and maintain specific items of equipment;
11. Provide technical consulting and follow-up (supervision) services to support and assist the work done by the installation contractor or by the customer’s maintenance personnel.

The know-how and expertise available with NIPI ONGM enables us to perform high quality supervision of installation operations of varying levels of complexity and to do this on, or ahead of, schedule.