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Engineering surveys

Engineering surveys

NIPI ONGM provides a full range of engineering survey services.

Engineering surveys undertaken to design and build oil and gas facilities are warranted by a high level of financial, environmental and other risks associated with such facilities. To minimize those risks, NIPI ONGM has established its own Engineering Survey Department to be able to carry out the required studies independently. Although comparatively young, the Department has already proven itself as a reliable partner capable of delivering premium quality services within a very tight time schedule.

Types of survey services provided by NIPI ONGM’s Engineering Surveys Team include:  

- Topographical surveys;

- Geotechnical investigations;

- Environmental surveys;

- Geophysical surveys;

- Hydrometeorological surveys;

- Land-use planning.

 The team is made up of 43 specialists including:

- Geodetic Engineers;

- Hydrometeorologists;

- Geologists;

- Geophysicists;

- Еnvironmental Engineers;

- Land Surveyors.    

Engineering surveys constitute an integral part of the engineering effort by NIPI ONGM. They are undertaken in the early engineering stages, as they help to lay a solid foundation for any successful project.