Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements

Engineering surveys

Topographical Survey Team

The Topographical Team within the Engineering Survey Dept provides topographic and geodesic materials and data on the local topography (including the bottom of water streams, rivers, lakes, ponds, etc), existing buildings and structures (surface, subsurface and elevated), land use elements (in digital, graphical, photographic and other formats) required to make a comprehensive study of the natural and man-made conditions at the construction site as well as to justify the facilities design, construction and operation. Vigorous efforts are currently being made at NIPI ONGM to implement a surface laser scanning system to generate detailed digital 3D models of the terrain, sophisticated process units and elements. This system will allow lower labor costs to be incurred, fewer material resources to be used and less time to be taken by field topographic studies, as well as better quality deliverables compared to those achievable with conventional topographic mapping techniques.