Executed in real scale
and as per GOST requirements


Priority Research and Engineering Design Areas

Oil, Gas and Water Gathering and Treatment:

  • Researching physical/chemical properties of oil-water emulsions and oil;
  • Technologies to strip out H2S from crude oil;
  • Technologies to separate highly foaming oils;
  • Oil Separation by Gathering and Treatment End Sections;
  • Oil Dehydration and Desalting;
  • Viscous and Ultraviscous Oil Gathering and Treatment;
  • Ultraviscous Oil Thermal Deparaffinization;
  • Oil Sludge Treatment and Disposal;
  • Oil Gathering and Treatment System Optimization;
  • Improving in-field pipelines and reservoir pressure maintenance systems;
  • Gas Treatment to remove H2S and mercaptans;
  • Hydrocarbon gas and gas condensate treatment and processing (sulfur removal/sweetening, gasoline recovery, dehydration and fractionation);
  • Associated Gas Utilization;
  • Flare Gas Utilization;
  • Produced Water Treatment;
  • Reducing light hydrocarbons losses including light ends recovery;
  • Developing and validating Action plans for Environmental and Subsurface Protection as well as Process Flow Diagrams for Oil and Gas Fields Development.

Plant Processing of Oil and Gas:

  • Hydrocarbon gases processing to produce aromatic hydrocarbons, methanol and synthetic oil;
  • Deeper refining of crude hydrocarbons to produce fuel and petrochemicals;
  • Hydro catalytic and gas catalytic processing of hydrocarbons fractions to produce motor fuels;
  • Sulfur recovery, degassing and sulfur granulation;
  • Water Treatment;
  • Gas Emissions Purification;
  • Process to remove sulfides from light hydrocarbons.